I didn’t see it coming…

After dinner I jumped in the car and took the dog with me to the store. I ran into Mario’s to get ground beef, and a tomato for BLT, arriving at the checkout gloating over the Boneless Sirloin Roast at only $2.99 a lb.,  which was cheaper than the ground beef at $3.99!  In my haste I forgot the L, of the BLT’s; I had to cruise the vegetable aisle making a decision romaine or iceberg while my groceries sat on the scanner belt and then I snuck over to get some Italian bread and a single banana. Entering the car, I threw my packages on the seat and wondered how the bill could be over 11 bucks. Mentally I added it up, realizing I had bought extra items however still pulled the receipt out and discovered I had been charged $1.99 for the lettuce. I gasped. Oh no, I thought, did I  pay $1.99 for a head Iceberg of lettuce?  I think it was $1.29 on the sign, I mused. Well that is still 70 cents, I think I’ll go in and check, because 70 cents is still 70 cents. (A Grandchild of The Depression thought process). I jump out of the car and quickly tell the dog I will be right back. Leaving the dog in the car, I realize how really good she is: no embarrassing barking or howling while I’m in the store, no ripping up the upholstery, very trustworthy. As I hurried back in to Mario’s I remembered how I had taken her to the Farmer’s Market that morning to socialize her; to get her used to walking through a crowd.  She does bark at the band as they play but the band had stopped. Even though people ask me if their kids can pet her I always decline, because she is a shelter dog and I’m not sure how she is around all children yet. Even a kind dog can turn from a loving pet into an animal at moment’s notice. I breeze through the store to the produce, and check the sign. Darn the lettuce was $1.99. Oh well, I turn around and leave and the clerk looks at me quizzically as if to say ‘no purchase?” I go out to the car, hit the automatic button and as the light goes on I see my good dog in the front seat, head bent over the bag, and it hits me! Oh no, the sirloin tip roast! My dog has turned into an animal in an instant!!! All this for a 70 cent price check…Lol…#shelter dog#budget#bargain



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