Has this happened to you…

Last week I was shocked when I went to the Doctor’s office for a very minor procedure (which I won’t tell you what because of HIPA) and as the nurse went to leave the room she asked me a few questions.

Did I have a Living Will?

Did I have a Medical Power of Attorney appointed?

Did I have a “Do Not Resuscitate” directive (the kind stuck on the refrigerator so in case the ambulance is called and I am not breathing they would know not to resuscitate me if I so desired).

I finally asked why you are asking me this. I paused and waited for the answer, because frankly there was not any sedation involved in this procedure, it was that minor. The reason given was the government requires the Doctors’ offices to ask these questions for the “Meaningful Use Guidelines.” If the office does not comply the Doctors get dinged on their payments.

Personally I felt like Big Brother was watching. For those too young to know about Big Brother, it is not a new rock or rap group. Big Brother refers to the government and not in the nicest context. The term surfaced right around the time the world was extremely worried about Communism, the USSR, and being under government surveillance, as was happening in Communist nations in the 50’s 60’s on the heels of the fall of Hitler’s Germany and mass extermination of the Jews ,the disabled, and other groups like Catholics.

In my Baby Boomer opinion, it’s really no one’s business to ask me if I have these things in place or not. I am an adult. I have an attorney. That is my business.

What is really interesting is the control the government is trying to exercise over the Doctors in this country.  That is my business; I am a voter and this is my government. I never agreed to ding my Doctor if they chose not to ask me these questions.

The question is: What is going on in this country? A medical professional is rendering a service, and now they are getting penalized on payments? How is the government going to know who they asked and who they didn’t?

I thought things were private between a Doctor and a patient. Apparently that is not the case if these records are being tracked and scrutinized.

I’d like to hear your opinion!

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