I had a glorious Mother’s Day…

Although my special day arrived a week early I was glad my children that lived by me decided to come on short notice. As I happily peeled potatoes and seasoned a canned Dubuque ham the night before, my mind drifted over activities I could use to give the youngest grandchildren time-consuming fun while their parents visited. The teen-aged grandchild, kept the little ones amused with the ball and the dog in the backyard while we hauled out chairs to sit in the welcome sunshine. We laughed because surrounding the un-lit makeshift concrete block fire pit with our legs was the only way to keep the kids from falling against the sharp edges.

Periodically I’d have to introduce new activities. One favorite was digging a hole; the 4 year old was instructed not to mistakenly whack the 2 year-old or let him have access to the metal adult mini spade. He gave it a good try and we’d laugh watching him jumping on the shovel to get some leverage to dig.

PlayDoh was high on the list of time consuming activities. The gadget drawer provided a full size rolling pin, a plastic garlic press, a wedding cake server, and an ice cream scoop with a release button. As I introduced 2 halves of a cardboard egg carton, the work feverishly picked up and production was in full swing. This entire factory was confined to a grassy section on an old Coleman, small but sturdy, folding picnic camping table with seats. All was quiet for a good 30 minutes.

The dog quickly figured out the 2 year old was the better prospect for dropping significant amounts of food, and had a good too! My joy is having my family together and watching them interact. I had a bonus Mother’s Day yesterday when my son and I went to dog park by the river and heard from my son that lives out of town. It was great. Happy Mother’s Day!



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