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Mothers Always Know…

Baby Holding Human Finger

It was a humid Sunday morning and I was sitting in church sweltering in my new green/blue nylon dress complete with nylon petticoat and nylon stockings. We were the graduating class and all sat together at Sunday Mass. Air conditioned churches were not the norm in the ’60’s and everyone just dealt with the heat. The doors were propped open; large pole type fans helped considerably even though there were about 600-800 people in attendance. The giant stained glass windows were an immovable piece of glass; the small three foot windows at the bottom titled outward to let in some air.  Once in a while a few stray birds would fly around way up in the sanctuary as the priest spoke and my mind wandered off in the spiritual ambiance and unbearable heat.

The next thing I felt is this vice-like claw gripping my left arm and I look up and my beautiful Mother, is standing in the aisle, bending over, pulling me up and out of the pew and the usher is trying to help her get me out of the church before I faint. I stand on the pavement, woozy as the traffic whizzes by on 87th street. My Mother accesses the situation making certain I am alright as I wait for water and take a breath of fresh air. Later that day, I found out my Mother noticed me from across the aisle in the parents’ section getting pale, and paler and didn’t hesitate to spring into action. I feel like crying just thinking about it now, being rescued like that; such constant love. Forty three years later I still miss her especially on Mother’s Day.

Tyrus Wong? Believe it or not you probably have seen his art work!

Timelapse Photo of China Town

I just watched the most amazing Pamela Tom documentary, Tyrus (2017, New Moon Pictures LLC) featuring Tyrus Wong, the artist who worked on Bambi and is now getting the broad public recognition he deserves. If you remember seeing  animated Disney films as a small child, as I did, each film had a unique feel to it. Tyrus chronicles Wong’s introduction to art and his unique talent for capturing the essence of a subject with as few strokes as possible. Wong created far more than animation. I don’t want to spoil this surprising biography for you, but I guarantee Baby Boomers will recognize how much of an artistic contribution Wong made in our lives growing up.  One of the best parts of this film was seeing how creative Wong was as a senior citizen. I could hardly watch the credits because I was too captivated with one of his late in life projects streaming in the background. Wong lived to the ripe old age of 106.  I checked this out at my local library; free entertainment is fun!



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For the last two years, for various reasons, there has been little accomplished in my garden. It is a garden of neglect; a garden of survival of the fittest. That fact alone was fine by me. Grateful I had only drought tolerant plants, I watched as the Cup Plants battled it out with the Irish Eyes. Each held their own. By fall I longed to see more color but that option was gone. This year I’m on the hunt for Russian Sage and perhaps purple ornamental cabbage.

Longing for shade in the backyard and privacy in the front, God has answered my prayers with three Redbud trees  finally reaching a suitable height and width. It has been a long, patient 5 years. There is nothing better than watching trees bud and daffodils emerge as the garden awakens with new life. Filled with hope, I anxiously peer out the window each morning to see what has changed.  How about you; what’s your favorite garden experience?

Have you ever considered a Tiny House?

Tiny Houses are fascinating to me. I can’t believe how every square inch is appropriated for essential tasks. YouTube is my magic carpet to the land where everything fits in its place and the living is easy. What I can’t figure out is where owners of these tiny houses park them, either temporarily or permanently, without code enforcement officials and neighbors being upset. Does anyone know?

Putting that concern aside, I click here and there and admire the floor plans and listen as the owners describe how and why they are satisfied with scaling down and even living off the grid. Frankly until a few years ago I never knew what ‘the grid’ was or that I was living on it. Wake up call!!!

Here is one of my favorites so far:

What’s your favorite?

The Surprise Lamb Cake…

Everything was going in the busy kitchen prior to Easter dinner. I had put the unfrosted Lamb Cake over to the side so a grandchild could do the coveted frosting job alone. I was totally prepared, raisin eyeballs, pink jelly bean nose, red licorice whip mouth and this year I had made up the frosting in advance and froze it.

I even remembered to defrost the frosting! Yeah for me!!!

Perfectly capable, teenage artistic granddaughter is frosting away, and I’m directing the crowd to place food on the table and simultaneously stirring the raisin sauce when I glance back about the third time and she’s looking a tad stressed. I mean she’s been at this for ten minutes and the lamb doesn’t look fluffed. I ask her what’s wrong and she replies, “The frosting is not sticking Grandma. I’m trying but it looks like it’s soaking into the lamb.”

Then I realize, I have given her an unmarked plain deli duplicate container of thick unsweetened Greek yogurt that matched exactly the one I put the frosting in. After much laughter and a hurried conference in the kitchen, it is decided that the real frosting will cover up the tart and tangy yogurt. No one was the wiser!

Am I the only person who has had these problems? Have you had a funny experience with your Lamb Cake? Write in and I’ll publish it right here!



My Improved Lamb Cake…

The Lamb Cake saga continues:

By now I had taken everyone’s preferences to heart. There was an overwhelming kid preference for “no coconut”; the new improved Lamb Cake featured mini marshmallows embedded in the frosting. It did not look bad, just puffed up larger. The grandkids were now taking turns, if possible, for decorating the cake. Sometimes the cake would go to another party as their treat and I had to bake a second one to take with me elsewhere for another child to decorate at the alternate celebration. The one year I was responsible for the entire production, I had this ‘stroke of genius’ to improve the fluffiness of the lamb fur. I bought a jar of Fluff and knew this would hold the mini marshmallows in place securely. For anyone who has ever had a peanut butter and Fluff sandwich you know the sticking power of Fluff from trying to spread it as it is quickly drying on fresh bread. All was going well, it looked beautiful. I changed my clothes and picked up the Lamb cake from the refrigerator and drove a short distance on an unusually warm Easter Sunday in a car without air conditioning. As I glanced over to the plastic covered cake on the front seat, I could see trouble brewing, or rather, sliding. The once stunning Lamb Cake resembled The Picture of Dorian Grey. I hurriedly knocked on the door and rushed through the host house to the refrigerator, hoping to sidestep a nasty pile-up of ‘Fluffed’ marshmallows and two raisin eyeballs now sticking everywhere and heading south on the cake platter. There was delicious laughter that year as our lips smacked with Fluff recalling my panicked entrance.

Hard to believe there’s more isn’t it? To be continued…

Lamb cake 2

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the continuing saga of my lamb cakes…

Fast forward several years down the road, and now a Grandma,  I decide it would be a wonderful idea to welcome my new blended family grandchildren with the lamb cake tradition. I bust out the pan, crank up the stove and am off and running. I whip this thing up in record time using a box and a half of a pound cake mix,  and of course polishing off the extra batter for cupcakes as go. I’m thrilled anticipating how a gift of this symbolic cake will make their Easter perfect.

I proudly ring the bell at the other Grandma’s house and the kids come to the door, all sugared up already. After I have handed the cake in to my thankful co-Grandmother and she disappears into the house, the kids greet me with “What did you bring us Grandma”… I proudly say, “I have brought you the Lamb Cake (they were expecting candy…I was not on the same page…Lol) I, seeing their startled looks quickly added, “I am the Lamb Cake Grandma,” then proudly left.

To be continued…